Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching up and Reflecting.

Hey Everyone!
I hope you are all living well and enjoying the coming season. Just wanted to update the blog here.
You know, right now I'm in a funny place with my hair as it is. I like it. I think I got my first compliments on my hair today since I've had the braid locs. Well the first compliments in person. It caught me off guard really. I wasn't expecting anyone else to "like" my hair. I do though, and I guess that's really what matters.
So here's where I've been and what's going on now.
August 2008 We all decided to go natural.
October 2008 I started this blog
April 2009 I decided to do the secret big chop but with braids. I was pregnant at the time and really didn't feel like doing any hair at all. Thank God for versatility!
November 2009 After having my baby in July I decided to take the braids out. It was time. As I took the braids down I put my hair in twists.
March 2010 I made my first blog post announcing my company Pure Natural Blends.
August 2010 I decided to flat iron it for a time.
December 2010 I went to the Wash and go style. I was featured on website too!
April 2011 I had my loc extensions put in. This helped during my pregnancy with baby #5
March 2012 I had to let to loc extensions go. I could never get used to them. I actually felt weird because it wasn't all my hair. I took them down and started braidlocs. I did use some of the hair from the loc extensions to give me a little more length on the braidlocs.

October 2012 It's all me. No extended hair, just me. Sometimes I will flat iron my hair to give it a little more length but that's it. I like it that way. Saturday night I put my hair in two braids and had a nice little beach wave style. After getting two compliments today, I think I realized that I like my own hair enough not to try and conform to other people's idea of beauty. Eh so what if I don't get compliments.

The best back view I could get at the moment w/o help.

Side view. 

Side view.


My hair as of tonight. Beachy waves didn't last very long.

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