Sunday, August 29, 2010

More photos

The other day we were on our way out to church and I told asked the kids to take some photos with me to send to my mom. Here they are. We are all natural hair loving. I've flat ironed my hair and one of my daughter's hair. My son and daughter have natural textures for the moment. I'm sure to go back to wearing the twist in about a week or so.

Mom and Daughter - August 2010
Here's my daughter! She's brilliant!!
I love her eyes in this photo and her little curlies.

Daughter and Mom - August 2010
Here's my daughter! She's wonderful!
I like the way she does her hair like this.
This isn't the Diana Ross do she's been sporting.

Son and Mom - August 2010
Here's my son! He's awesome!
I'm quite fond of his take on the Mohawk.
He's been rocking this since about 2008.

My daughters and Me - August 2010 (Yes they are twins!)

Daughter and Me - August 2010
Here's my Snugabug! She's our little sunshine always making
the family laugh with her "babyness." Her curlies are coming well!

My Husband and Me - August 2010
Here is my love. He's such a great husband.
Looking into his blue eyes can just make all the troubles go away.

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