Thursday, March 22, 2012

Braidlocs - A fresh start.

Hello Everyone! Well I finished my hair! I finished on March 15th. I'm happy with it. I love them thinner! I hope to be able to maintain these braidlocs. So far so good. I've been Youtubing for tips and such. I think I will do the latch hook method for maintaining them. Here are some photos of them.

 Just washed.

 First night I finished them. Here you can see the size of the braids.

Here you can see the ends. I like the loose ends.

So far so good!


T.T said...

Super cool. The first set of locks look great on you, but the braidlocs really become you and I actually like the size better on you. Being a DIYer myself, my hat goes off to you for taking the time and effort to DIY especially considering you've got 2 cuddly kiddies under 2 (I think) who need more frequent attention and a household to run. Kudos!
I just took out micro braids that I'd had in for about 2.5 months. I cut off the relaxed ends of my hair (I actually wasn't planning to do it at this time. lol) and now I have kinky twists that I'm hoping to keep in for at least another 4 weeks.
Be sure to keep you fellow readers updated here, as I'd love to track the progress of the braidlocs on you and how you're liking them.

Tawanna said...

T.T - I think so too. I like these better and I'm happier with these. lol It did take some time. I did it over a few days but the funny thing was my goal was to be done by September. As you can see I thought it was going to take longer before I started taking the locs down. I did most of them when they were sleeping at night and when daddy got home.
Good on you for the natural route! I hope you like it! I'd like to see your progress too lovely lady!