Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pregnant and blah

Hello Everybody,
Well... I've not really done much with my hair. I've basically been wearing it up in a bun or a side bun.  I'm still trying to find a way to soften them. My hair is softer than the loc extension. I guess I'm hesitant to try much because I don't want to mess with the locking process. The loc extension feels scratchy. I've worn them up and off my neck and back. *sigh* any advice on this would be well appreciated :).

Besides my own locking issues, I've got some fantastic news to share! Pure Natural Blends was featured in an online video show review! I am so excited about the review, 2 new hair cremes and the new site layout and look! The video show can be seen here, just login as a guest.

Visit to see the changes and the two new products. We also added a blog to keep our wonderful customers up to date, Visit the blog here

So here is a little picture for an update on the side ponytail hairstyle. My pregnant chubby face is coming along too lol!