Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm locked up for a while.

Well I had my appointment with Robin at Indigo 341 yesterday. We got started at 10am and she finished around 7pm. I brought her 3 pictures one to show the size, the color, and the ends that I wanted. I ended up with something like those photos. I didn't go with the color because I wasn't daring enough. lol I backed out of it. Instead she showed me an auburn color that she could use and did a few locks in that color. I'm not sure the size is like the photo. They seem a little thick but after thinking about maintaining them, eh it's ok. I like the look of the smaller locs but I'm not sure about how many I actually want to deal with on my head. She didn't leave the ends loose so I sort of loosened them when I got home. Over all, I'm happy with what she did. Robin was very nice and I like her personality. She made me feel comfortable and never insulted me. I find that the few times I've gone to a salon, all have insulted my hair in some way. Robin never did this. I was quite pleased. I'll be calling her to maintain my locs too. Oh and let me mention her prices are great! There are other salons in the area that I've read reviews about. The other salons do great work but their prices are high. I didn't get that at Indigo 341. She's fair and honest.  So if you are looking for a natural hair stylist in the St. Louis area visit Indigo 341!

Now for photo comparisons. These are the 3 photos I brought to show how I wanted my hair.

This photo for size

This one for color
This photo for the ends.
I like the squiggly ends better than the blunt locked ends

Here is what it turned out like....

I'm getting used to them. They are quite hard right now but they are supposed to soften up. I don't know how long it takes them to soften up but I hope it's soon lol. Well I'm all locked up for a while. Sorry about the quality of my cell phone photos. :) I'll get some better pictures some time in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Your hair turned out lovely! I think you look great! I hope you like them enough to love them and keep them too. What did Richard think when he saw you?

Tawanna said...

I intend on keeping them for years. I'm glad I have them. I just need to get past the newness period. Rich didn't say anything when he saw me but this morning he said "Good morning beautiful." :) *shrug*

TonyR said...

They turned out great! You look beautiful! I'm glad you had a really good experience.

TonyR said...

T - you look beautiful. Your hair looks great, I'm so glad you had a good experience. Work those locs girl!