Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chignons & such

Hello Everyone!

I think it's time for a hair update :). I've recently had the baby. She is doing well, she's 4 weeks today! I think I'm getting back to my normal self. I definatly feel better. I'm 1/2 pound aways from my pre-pregnancy weight. Im not at the weight I wish to be but I'm happy to be back to square one in this situation.

So what's going on with the hair scene? I've been back and forth with my hair. I've had people ask me advice which is very flattering but I fell on the care for my own for a little while. I had some serious hair hatred during pregnancy too. I didn't want to make any hair decisons until after pregnancy. It might have just been the hormones ;).

I'm still on the quest to find out how to soften my locs. I've been using the Triple Moisture conditoner from Netrogena. I'll mix it with water and gycerine and use it as a daily spray. I tried and Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and it did remove build up. I was quite happy with it. My locs are frizzy but I'm getting used to it. I think I'm actually embracing them as they are...

A few days ago I tried a hairstyle that I saw in Whole Living Magazine. I took a picture of the page. It was really easy and quick to do.

Here is my result. I really like this style. I'll add my own twist on it and add curlies in the front or something.

I also did a braid out style that didn't last long, and a few other styles.

Ok that's about it. :) Need to go cuddle the kids now. Have a wonderful day/night.