Thursday, March 22, 2012

Braidlocs - A fresh start.

Hello Everyone! Well I finished my hair! I finished on March 15th. I'm happy with it. I love them thinner! I hope to be able to maintain these braidlocs. So far so good. I've been Youtubing for tips and such. I think I will do the latch hook method for maintaining them. Here are some photos of them.

 Just washed.

 First night I finished them. Here you can see the size of the braids.

Here you can see the ends. I like the loose ends.

So far so good!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Splitting Hair Do.

Hello Everyone!
I haven't blogged in a while. I've been quite blah again about the locs. You know I really tried to get use to having locs the size I didn't originally ask for. I wanted them smaller. They turned out thicker and I wished I liked them better than what I originally wanted. I'm such a fan of the thinner sisterlocks look though. I pondered taking them down, cutting them off, or just letting them grow. Well I noticed my hair line has changed. Hmmm. This happened before. I think it is because of my hormones from pregnancy are reducing. My hair is changing. I also failed to take my vitamins for a while too and I saw my hair actually suffer for it. So ladies and gentlemen thank your vitamins! Any how I went back and forth about what to do. Do I call the stylist back? Do I do it myself? I heard that you can take your locs down. It's almost been a year so I didn't know how difficult it would be. Well I saw a couple of youtube videos on taking down locs. I felt I could do it. I was a little afraid. Fear kept me from going for it. One day I decided I would do one in the back to see if I could do it. Well it wasn't so bad. I took the loc down, split it in two and braided it back. I was going to wrap the hair in a DIY loc but I decided to keep them as thin braids. So technically these are braidlocs then. It does take a while but I feel a whole lot better. LOL I'll tell you this though, I'm not looking forward to how long it might take me to maintain these sized locs but we will see when that time comes. I took a few pictures of my progress so far.

So this one is the size I want.

These are my original locs now. Funny thing is they don't look so thick but this is a photo of the ends.

Here you can see the difference in size. 

This is the back. I like the size and I feel comfortable with it. It may take me a while but this is a life time hair style... at least I think so for now!

I hope your hair experiences are going well. I'm learning that if you try and compromise and change into something you don't really desire to be satisfied where you are, you won't be happy. Does that make sense? Maybe it's too late. eh, Go for it! Don't let fear get in your way. With this situation I have to say I'm such a DIY person, and after all if I mess it up, it will grow back :)