Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creative Yet?

Well baby is here! We are all so very happy about her arrival. To read more about that visit

Since baby is here that means I can get creative with my natural hair right? No not really. I'm still not up for doing my own hair. I need to redo some of my braids. I've been doing them a little at a time. Life with the baby is busy busy busy! We love it though. So it sort of takes away from the hair scene. The girls are still wearing their braid locs. I asked the girls what did they liked best about having locs and they said as I guessed that they don't have to use the comb and it's easier to handle. It's wash and go for them. My son still has his Mohawk. It's growing longer. The top doesn't really stand as much as it was. He still gets lots of compliments.

When am I going to take these braids out? I don't know. I do know that after I do, I'll be comfortable with the length and possibly where twists or take the jump to getting locs. That's the plan for now! Until then I will concentrate and be creative with the kids hair and just let mine grow with the transition braids.

Older siblings holding the newest member