Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I have officially started to blog my journey. Journey to having natural hair. Yes I've finally decided to have sisterlocks installed in my hair. I've wanted locks since 2004 or so. I even went for a SL consultation years ago. I wasn't quite sure then. I loved the look of them but I wasn't ready yet.

Since then I've gone through my usual cycle of hairstyles. I wore braids for months. I'd get tired of those, take them down and relax my natural roots. I'd get an itch for a change and cut my hair. After wearing it cut for a while, I'd get tired of the daily styling with heat and put braids back in.

My interest in natural hair started in 2004 close to 2005. I did decide to put the micro braids in to grow it out. The micro braids were always an easy hair style for me. I must say I liked the wash and go simplicity of them. It saved "getting ready" time in the mornings. I took them down in 2006 and had wonderfully natural hair. My downfall was not knowing how to deal with my natural hair. So I went to a salon to have it permed. Why I had to go to a salon when I had been relaxing for years myself I had no idea! I went, she permed, she blow dried, and cut my hair off. I was horrified. She claimed my ends were damaged. They were not, in fact it was they way she blow dried my hair. What was I thinking?! Soon after, I put the Micro braids back in. I took my Micro braids out back in May of 2008 and permed my own hair again.

Well, I'm ready to get off that cyclic lifestyle. I'm finally ready for my sisterlocks. I've step foot on that path and I'm quite excited about it. The last time I inquired about the locks I was unsure. I am now. I've been sisterlock blog surfing and enjoying the Lockitup Yahoogroup and the Locked Hair Blog Exchange. These two sources have kept me encouraged and well educated about locks. I've seen lots of different locks and styles. They are all very beautiful.

I started my journey of going natural in August 08. So far I have about 6 inches of relaxed hair and maybe a 1/2 inch of natural hair. I plan to grow it out past the 1.5 inches required to get sisterlocks. Maybe I'll try 2.5 :) I'm excited!

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Berta said...

My dh helped me wack my hair off I think I have maybe .5 inch up there, but at least it's natural right???