Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still got em'

I've still got my locs! I'm going to confess, I'm sort of ok with them. The size and the texture are bothering me. The texture of them is sort of scratchy/hard. This is not my natural texture. How do I know? Well as these are loc extensions, I can feel some of my natural hair in there and it's really soft. I like that and it gives me hope for when I start to cut them as my natural hair grows. My stylist said not to do anything to them. I am hard headed but not too crazy. I went searching for ways to soften the locs extensions. I read to dip them in hot water. I did. It changed it a bit. They weren't so stiff afterwards but they aren't soft. Oh and yes she did use human kinky hair. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try my Huetiful Hair Steamer tomorrow on them. I saw a review that stated the hair steamer was good to soften locs too. I'm on a quest to soften these locs! Tonight I decided to see what they look like in pony tails. Eh I could do it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm locked up for a while.

Well I had my appointment with Robin at Indigo 341 yesterday. We got started at 10am and she finished around 7pm. I brought her 3 pictures one to show the size, the color, and the ends that I wanted. I ended up with something like those photos. I didn't go with the color because I wasn't daring enough. lol I backed out of it. Instead she showed me an auburn color that she could use and did a few locks in that color. I'm not sure the size is like the photo. They seem a little thick but after thinking about maintaining them, eh it's ok. I like the look of the smaller locs but I'm not sure about how many I actually want to deal with on my head. She didn't leave the ends loose so I sort of loosened them when I got home. Over all, I'm happy with what she did. Robin was very nice and I like her personality. She made me feel comfortable and never insulted me. I find that the few times I've gone to a salon, all have insulted my hair in some way. Robin never did this. I was quite pleased. I'll be calling her to maintain my locs too. Oh and let me mention her prices are great! There are other salons in the area that I've read reviews about. The other salons do great work but their prices are high. I didn't get that at Indigo 341. She's fair and honest.  So if you are looking for a natural hair stylist in the St. Louis area visit Indigo 341!

Now for photo comparisons. These are the 3 photos I brought to show how I wanted my hair.

This photo for size

This one for color
This photo for the ends.
I like the squiggly ends better than the blunt locked ends

Here is what it turned out like....

I'm getting used to them. They are quite hard right now but they are supposed to soften up. I don't know how long it takes them to soften up but I hope it's soon lol. Well I'm all locked up for a while. Sorry about the quality of my cell phone photos. :) I'll get some better pictures some time in the near future.

Friday, April 8, 2011

*sigh* be continued

Well, Hello all.
It's about 72 degrees outside and I'm getting that must get out and about feeling again. We are in while the kids are working on their school work. I'm going to find myself sitting out on the balcony again. I'm loving this weather.

Well if you read the last post I wrote about having a loc consultation. I had it. It went well. I've got my appointment for Tuesday. I'm still a bit nervous to see how I'd like the locs on me. I think I will. She quoted me a good price so we are set.

I tried the Huetiful Hair Steamer twice. The first time I used the Beautiful Curls Shampoo and Conditioner before I got under the hood. The assembly of the hair steamer is simple. I like the auto shut off and the simplicity of the hair steamer. After it does the auto shut off , it leaves a bit of water at the bottom of the container. I don't like the awkward way of emptying the remaining water out of the container. That's about the only complaint I have about the actual appliance. As far as the results... I really wish I could agree with the tons of youtube video reviews. I wasn't impressed the first time. My hair seemed a bit harder than had been before. I didn't experience the softer feel. Disappointment set in and I was determined to try it again. I did the next day. By the way let me say while I am pregnant I don't like the smell of the Beautiful Curls product. It didn't bother me before but I'm sure it's just pregnancy and not the product. So the second time I tried the hair steamer with just baby shampoo and Pantene conditioner. LOL I know I know! It's not to choice products for kinky/curly hair. My hair did a bit better. I wasn't wow'd by it. I'm going to give it a try on my girls hair before I conclude anything. I really want to like this product. The idea behind it makes sense so maybe I do need to get some better products. So I guess this situation is to be continued!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Out with the Old? In with the new??

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while! I've got a few updates. If you have read my Lovin Life blog then you probably already know that we are expecting our 5th baby in September. Along with the baby news I've decided to finally get locs some time this coming week but we will see where things take us. I've been a silent loc stalker (lol) since 2004. I was going to get sisterlocs but decided to wait. I've been doing a wash and go for weeks now. Today I made an oil mixture that included Lavender, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, and Lemon essential oils. It smells good!  I asked my daughter who is officially a teen I might add, to smell my hair. I wanted to know her thoughts and she and her twin sister won't hesitate lol and I do appreciate it. She said "Oooohh it smells good!" I thought, yay! I know the oils are good but I want to add scent with essential oils. I think it is a success! It doesn't bother my pregnant sense of smell either. Speaking of, I opted to use baby shampoo today because I now can't stand the smell of the other shampoo or conditioners I have. It wasn't so bad. After my wash and go my daughter asked me, "Mom is that the way your hair is naturally?" I answered, "Yep this is all me." I think she was surprised. I admit I am too. I like my little ringlets at the bottom.
This is a photo of the ends
I've got these neat little curlies I like. The roots are a bit of a tangled mess but the ends are neat lol!

Here is the photo of the length.

So I've got my first, well 2nd loc consultation coming up. I had the first one for sisterlocs back in 2004. I'm excited. See I have this fear of salons! I've never had a good experience with any salon and that made me a DIY hair styler. So far so good but I couldn't do the locs. I tried. I know my mistake but I'd like to get them professionally done. We will see if I want to fork out the money to do so or attempt again to DIY it. I am hoping this time will be different especially since I'm going to a natural hair care salon. They've got to be different right?? I'm going to Indigo -341 to see about her locing services. I've also been referred to Napps in U-City but I have been forewarned about their great service but high prices so I'm going to try the other first. I have an idea of how I want mine done. I've combined three photos. One for color, one for the ends, and one for size. I pray she can do them the way I am wanting them because I am ready for change. I'm quite tired of the wash and go. I guess we can call it the hair blahs and it coincides with the winter blahs. Blah blahhh do I hear spring is here? Yes and I'm looking forward to warmer weather! As the seasons change so do the air and the effects it has on our hair.

Oh one more thing... this is on my wish list! The Huetiful Hair Steamer! I've read loads of great reviews. I'm ready for one. It's good for locs too.

So what does spring bring for you? What's going on in your hair world?