Thursday, May 21, 2009

short update

Here is a short update of what's be going on with our natural hair journey. I'm still in braids. I did cut them today with hopes of having a layered sort of look. I think I did ok. Since I'm about 30 weeks almost 31 weeks pregnant, I don't think I'll be taking any snap shots yet. I'm not feeling up to being photographed. I'm in my blah pregnancy mode now. 3rd trimester is here and I'm hoping it will go fast! The baby is moving quite a lot. Her movements have slowed down but she still stretches, rolls and kicks. It sort of wears me down. If you want to read more about the pregnancy visit my other blog just for my thoughts at
My girls are still happy with their braid locs. I've had to retighten them since I last blogged. My son is still wearing his Mohawk too. Here are some updated photos of them.

Here is my son's Mohawk. He's not doing school work, he's actually messing with the girl's math books trying to see if he can do their work lol.
His hair is getting longer. He started his Mohawk in August 2008.

Here's one of the girls with their braid out hair do. She got the ends wet so it's not exactly how it was when we first took it down,