Monday, November 2, 2009

The Wiz with a Twist

Well here we are 14 weeks after the baby was born!
As you may have read I put in individual braids to ease the pregnancy hair styling. I didn't feel like getting up each morning with a messed up head of hair. When I put the braids in I cut the permed ends off. That was my secret big chop.
This past Wednesday I decided I would freshen up my braids. When I took them down to rebraid it I thought, "Hmm maybe I should take them out and two strand twist it." I asked my daughters what they thought. They said, "Mommy it's cute! You should wear it like that!" Sometimes I question their advice lol! This time I took their advice and started to take the braids down and twist it. I wasn't sure about it. How would this look? Is my hair long enough to look good like this? Can I really keep up with it like this? Would my husband like it? Oh the questions flooded my mind as I took each braid extension out and twisted my natural hair.
I actually didn't finish my hair until the next morning. It took a while between parenting and meeting my husband at our new house later on that night. I was supposed to meet him at 6:30 pm but I wasn't finished with my hair. I did get it to a point where the untwisted hair wouldn't be noticeable with a hair accessory from .
I looked at my hair and the way it flopped I thought, "I look like the scare crow on The Wiz!" I slipped on the hair accessory and went about getting ready to go. The kids told me my hair looked great and it lifted my spirits a little. I was still unsure if I had the confidence to wear this style. I decided I would have the confidence, besides I didn't have time to worry about all that, I needed to get the baby dressed, diaper bag ready, older kids ready to go etc, etc. No time for nonsense mom was on a roll!
So we get in the car and the thoughts flood in again. Is this hair style ok for me? Do I really look like MJ in the movie The Wiz?? What will my husband say? Will I get rude comments? LOL what happened to my decision of confidence? I know it's just the enemy trying to make me uncomfortable with who I am naturally. So in the name of Jesus... !!!
I was still unsure of how my husband was going to like it. He told me he liked it natural. So I was stepping out and letting my guard down. When I saw him he said, "I like your hair!" I smiled in relief but was quickly distracted with the kids. We went on about our night and when we got home my husband took my face in his hands and kissed me and told me he loved my hair!! I was like whoa! It was the first time that he has ran his fingers in my hair since I don’t know when! He didn't like the braids lol. Hey I needed a break being pregnant and all lol!
Any how I hope I can keep this up. I do still feel a little self conscience but I'm getting over it.
Here I am now: