Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still got em'

I've still got my locs! I'm going to confess, I'm sort of ok with them. The size and the texture are bothering me. The texture of them is sort of scratchy/hard. This is not my natural texture. How do I know? Well as these are loc extensions, I can feel some of my natural hair in there and it's really soft. I like that and it gives me hope for when I start to cut them as my natural hair grows. My stylist said not to do anything to them. I am hard headed but not too crazy. I went searching for ways to soften the locs extensions. I read to dip them in hot water. I did. It changed it a bit. They weren't so stiff afterwards but they aren't soft. Oh and yes she did use human kinky hair. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try my Huetiful Hair Steamer tomorrow on them. I saw a review that stated the hair steamer was good to soften locs too. I'm on a quest to soften these locs! Tonight I decided to see what they look like in pony tails. Eh I could do it.

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