Friday, April 1, 2011

Out with the Old? In with the new??

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while! I've got a few updates. If you have read my Lovin Life blog then you probably already know that we are expecting our 5th baby in September. Along with the baby news I've decided to finally get locs some time this coming week but we will see where things take us. I've been a silent loc stalker (lol) since 2004. I was going to get sisterlocs but decided to wait. I've been doing a wash and go for weeks now. Today I made an oil mixture that included Lavender, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, and Lemon essential oils. It smells good!  I asked my daughter who is officially a teen I might add, to smell my hair. I wanted to know her thoughts and she and her twin sister won't hesitate lol and I do appreciate it. She said "Oooohh it smells good!" I thought, yay! I know the oils are good but I want to add scent with essential oils. I think it is a success! It doesn't bother my pregnant sense of smell either. Speaking of, I opted to use baby shampoo today because I now can't stand the smell of the other shampoo or conditioners I have. It wasn't so bad. After my wash and go my daughter asked me, "Mom is that the way your hair is naturally?" I answered, "Yep this is all me." I think she was surprised. I admit I am too. I like my little ringlets at the bottom.
This is a photo of the ends
I've got these neat little curlies I like. The roots are a bit of a tangled mess but the ends are neat lol!

Here is the photo of the length.

So I've got my first, well 2nd loc consultation coming up. I had the first one for sisterlocs back in 2004. I'm excited. See I have this fear of salons! I've never had a good experience with any salon and that made me a DIY hair styler. So far so good but I couldn't do the locs. I tried. I know my mistake but I'd like to get them professionally done. We will see if I want to fork out the money to do so or attempt again to DIY it. I am hoping this time will be different especially since I'm going to a natural hair care salon. They've got to be different right?? I'm going to Indigo -341 to see about her locing services. I've also been referred to Napps in U-City but I have been forewarned about their great service but high prices so I'm going to try the other first. I have an idea of how I want mine done. I've combined three photos. One for color, one for the ends, and one for size. I pray she can do them the way I am wanting them because I am ready for change. I'm quite tired of the wash and go. I guess we can call it the hair blahs and it coincides with the winter blahs. Blah blahhh do I hear spring is here? Yes and I'm looking forward to warmer weather! As the seasons change so do the air and the effects it has on our hair.

Oh one more thing... this is on my wish list! The Huetiful Hair Steamer! I've read loads of great reviews. I'm ready for one. It's good for locs too.

So what does spring bring for you? What's going on in your hair world?

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