Friday, April 8, 2011

*sigh* be continued

Well, Hello all.
It's about 72 degrees outside and I'm getting that must get out and about feeling again. We are in while the kids are working on their school work. I'm going to find myself sitting out on the balcony again. I'm loving this weather.

Well if you read the last post I wrote about having a loc consultation. I had it. It went well. I've got my appointment for Tuesday. I'm still a bit nervous to see how I'd like the locs on me. I think I will. She quoted me a good price so we are set.

I tried the Huetiful Hair Steamer twice. The first time I used the Beautiful Curls Shampoo and Conditioner before I got under the hood. The assembly of the hair steamer is simple. I like the auto shut off and the simplicity of the hair steamer. After it does the auto shut off , it leaves a bit of water at the bottom of the container. I don't like the awkward way of emptying the remaining water out of the container. That's about the only complaint I have about the actual appliance. As far as the results... I really wish I could agree with the tons of youtube video reviews. I wasn't impressed the first time. My hair seemed a bit harder than had been before. I didn't experience the softer feel. Disappointment set in and I was determined to try it again. I did the next day. By the way let me say while I am pregnant I don't like the smell of the Beautiful Curls product. It didn't bother me before but I'm sure it's just pregnancy and not the product. So the second time I tried the hair steamer with just baby shampoo and Pantene conditioner. LOL I know I know! It's not to choice products for kinky/curly hair. My hair did a bit better. I wasn't wow'd by it. I'm going to give it a try on my girls hair before I conclude anything. I really want to like this product. The idea behind it makes sense so maybe I do need to get some better products. So I guess this situation is to be continued!

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