Sunday, May 1, 2011

Curly Do's

Hello Everyone,
I hope your hair adventures are going well. I was searching online on how to curl my locs. My locs are barely a month old so I'm trying not to mess things up too much. I looked on Youtube and I saw a few videos on how to use pipe cleaners to curl them but the pipe cleaners looked to produce tight spiral curls. I didn't

 want tight spiral curls I wanted loose ones. Here is what I decided to do. I used some flexi rods I got at the store for 2.99. 5 of these soft flexible rods came in a pack of 3/4 diameter rollers. I ended up using about 10 on my whole head. I counted I have 120 locs on my head. I dampened my locs, put a little oil mixture on my hands to rub on to the locs and then I wrapped them around the flexi rods. This was the first time I had slept with rollers in my hair in years! These weren't hard to sleep on though. I used these on my daughter's hair the next day and she said she had no problem sleeping on these soft rollers. This is what I looked like with all the rollers in my hair. Try not to laugh ;) I did find that having my hair damp was good enough. I didn't want to saturate my locs because I wanted them to dry by the morning. So as you can see, I put a group of locs on one roller to avoid tight curls. They did dry by the morning. I was excited to see if it actually worked. Here is what I got when I let them down. I got loose spiral curls! yay!  I separated the locs to style and ended up with the loose curls I like. A few of them did not curl much but overall I had nice curls.

 I tried an up do too.

 This is a day later. It sort of lasted... eh maybe I should have put the rollers back in.

I do like the loose curls and next time I might try to use more flexible rollers to insure that all of my locs get a curl.

Until then,


PJae said...

I hadn't visited your page in a while...I see you have your locs! :) Cute. I'm sure your locs will begin to soften soon.....enjoy them!! -Paula

dewdrop said...

Your curls are loose and wispy, and look so great on you this way!