Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Again

Tonight I did some more SL blog surfing looking at photos of others that have blogged their Sisterlock journeys. This has become a favorite past time now! Am I obsessed? I don't now but I like looking at the various styles others have done. I ran across a site that has become my new found inspiration. Her locks are so beautiful I had to mention it. Take a look at Taylor Made Locks gallery!

Well, I've just been wearing the twist and curling the ends. I did discover this weekend while re-twisting that I'm halfway to the 2 inches I want to get the sisterlocks. I know they say 1 1/2 inches but I want to grow 2 just to make sure. Now my question to any of you that had relaxed ends when you got your sister locks installed is, did your sisterlock consultant lock your relaxed hair? I can say I notice my thicker natural hair more verse the thinner relaxed hair. This is not the first time I have gone natural though. The first time I transitioned with braids. I've seen my natural hair texture and I like it. It's sort of spongy and curly. I had braids all during the transition stage. When I felt comfortable enough with the length I began cutting the permed ends off. Eventually it was all natural. I liked it but didn't know how to maintain it so I relaxed it again. That was in 2007. I have to say every since I got it relaxed I have regretted that decision. My dh says that my natural hair is softer than the permed hair. I think my cousin described the relaxed hair as Hay head. When it was relaxed sometimes it would feel like hay then it would soften up. I'm tried of "needing a perm" so now I'm on the road to being all natural again. I'm happy. I think the been there done that was a good experience to make my decision to get sisterlocks a solid one. The ladies on Lockitup have been a great inspiration for me too.
Today I just sprayed my roots with an oil and water mix I made with the Carol's Daughter Lisa Hair Elixir. I wanted to be able to get some moisture in it with a spray bottle. I didn't want to go on a hunt for all new products. So far so good! I'm liking this transition. I guess I'm doing better than my last post!

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