Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reading up

Ok, so today I had sort of a bad hair day. It wasn't bad I just was blah about my hair. I couldn't decide on how I wanted to wear it today. I started out with two braids in the back then decided to just wear it pulled back on the sides. Yesterday I had it all curled and felt good about it. The mist from the shower made my curls fall. So I had blah hair today. I'm still wearing the twists.
I bought some natural hair books. I got

Curl Talk: Everything You Need to Know to Love and Care for Your Curly, Kinky, Wavy, or Frizzy Hair

Hair Rules!: The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair

Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair [Illustrated]

Organic Body Care Recipes

Locs for Life: The Root to Well Being for African-American Women

I just finished Locs for Life. I read this whole book on a plane from Los Angeles to St. Louis. It was a short good read. I did learn a bit about locs. The author talks of her experience with her natural hair. I think most women with kinky hair can identify with her struggles of dealing with hair and fitting into society's views.

I haven't started reading the other books just yet. I did thumb through the book Going-Natural. It has an hair growth measurement guide that interested me. You can see the measurement guide it if you click on the link and view the book online.

I'm excited about the Organics Body Care Recipes books since reading The Green Beauty Guide. I've become interested more in the green sort of living. One of the things I think about is just how much damage has relaxing my hair done to my hair and scalp over the years. The chemicals that are in the relaxers are scary. That just makes reading about natural choices and alternatives more appealing.

Aside from the books, I did see a website that was interesting. it is a wonderful site!

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Great selections! Let's hear from you. (And see more photos of those cute little girls!)