Thursday, November 20, 2008

When the Smiles Came Out.

Yesterday I washed my girls hair and braided it in cornrows while it was wet. I let it air dry and they went to bed with their hair like this. They they liked their hair in the cornrows. I think it was simple for them. They also knew their hair wouldn't be tangled up with Bed head in the morning. Both the girls don't like to have their hair fixed. So I'm trying to find easy hair styles that does not involved heat. Here is what the Cornrows looked liked. I also did this to my hair the day before. I have my roots twisted but they don't.
This afternoon I took their hair down after their school day was finished. It's thick and wavy. I don't have the Tomoka's Twists yet so I took two hairpins and pushed the sides up and back. I'm excited to try the Tomoka's twist hair accessories. They are so cute! So here is what they look like now with their big wavy hair. They are so happy about their hair now. All the smiles came out when they looked in the mirror. It feels good to like your hair!


Mama Jenn said...


Your girls are so cute! I love their hair do!!!

Berta said...

Great job, I just recently started a new hair regime for myself and my girls.

Glad to see I'm not the only one.