Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guiding Encouragment.

So I got up today and decided to braid and band my hair. The first two times I did inside braids. This time I did outside braids and it came out wavier than last time. I’m not sure if I like it yet. I think I’d like it to be some where in-between. This is a good hairstyle for my transitioning. It’s giving me some practice on the braiding and banding. So far so good. My hair is growing well. I found the hair growth guide in the Going Natural book interesting. Last week I took a strand of my hair and laid it on the guide. I placed a clear cover over it to take a picture of it. It s been about 4 months since I made the decision to go natural.

According to that guide I have about 2.5 inches of natural hair growth. Now my question has been asked but not answered, is this how you measure natural African American hair? I’ve seen some stretch it out and wondered if this was right. The hair in the photo is not stretched, just flattened for photo sake. I've also noticed the different textures on my head. I don’t think I will be contacting a consultant just yet. I want a bit more growth before going to the consultant again.
I have found this time around I don't have that urge to perm at all. My husband has been a great encouragement to me in this whole process. He's told me he likes my hair and is happy to see me with my hair like this. He says he loves the texture and how soft it is. It is weird because I have to get used to him having his fingers in my hair now. I'm not used to it but love it when he reaches over and feels my hair. It is such a blessing to hear his compliments on this journey. I am enjoying this journey. So far so good with the transitioning!

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