Monday, August 23, 2010

Temporarily New

Hello Everyone,
I've decided to do something different for a bit for a little bit. I've straightened my hair using my flat iron. I needed to do something because I had been wearing the two strand twists for months. I needed to let my hair naturally shed. I don't know how long I'll wear my hair in this style but I like it so far. I do know it is very temporary. Straightening it too much can damage it and of course, I want to avoid that. A little variety is great for me. I'm using my own hair products ( and found that using coconut oil is good to help fight off our humid weather. We are in the very humid Saint Louis area so dealing with humidity is a daily thing right now. At the moment my hair will stay straight for the most part, but the longer I'm out in humidity the curls slowly appear. I've been amused at how it curls at different times. I  like my curls so I don't mind it not staying straight. It has been interesting to see just how it curls and in what direction.

I may go back to the two strand twists soon. How soon? I don't know. That's the good thing about being natural -variety! Oh! I've found some grey/white hairs! I've counted 4 so far and you know what? I'm kind of excited about it. I know people moan and groan about grey/white hairs but I'm not. I like the salt and pepper look so I'm not pulling them out.

My girls are wearing different styles at the moment. One just had me put her hair in two strand twists and the other is wearing what I call the big Diana Ross do. She pulls it off very well. It's her style. I think she will keep it for a while. My son is still rocking the Mohawk! 

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