Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Curiosity of Comparison

I hope you all are having a good day. Thanks for stopping by my blog here. I took a picture of my hair to send to my sister yesterday. I finally got an ok one to send. I looked back at my old hair photos just out of the curiosity of comparison. So here it goes... a short comparison.

Hairy Adventures:

My first post to this blog was October 1, 2008. I had decided to go natural and said this, "I started my journey of going natural in August 08. So far I have about 6 inches of relaxed hair and maybe a 1/2 inch of natural hair. I plan to grow it out past the 1.5 inches required to get sisterlocks. Maybe I'll try 2.5 :) I'm excited!" The next day October 2, 2008 I posted this photo of me trying transitional hairstyles.

I decided to put individual braids in my hair during my pregnancy. I've worn individual braids at different times for years. I do them myself to save money and I guess because I like to be in control of how tight, how big or small they are. When I put the braids in I did a secret big chop. I cut all the permed ends off with plans of growing it out to a length I felt confident with. I don't think I can rock that TWA like many women can. Any how I wore individual braids during the pregnancy. Our 4th precious one was born in July 2009. Yes she will be 1 soon! I decided to take my braids out after she was born. Here is the photo as of November 2, 2009. It was 14 weeks after our baby was born. I was so excited to be able to used one of hair accessories!

During 2010 I started Pure Natural :) I've been experimenting with my own hair products and enjoying it. Here I am as of May 25, 2010. I'm still doing the two strand twists. The hair do is about 7 months old but I keep retwisting them one at a time.

New Hair Discoveries: I've discovered that I don't really have to refresh with a whole new hairstyle. I can just update/modify the one I've been wearing. Yesterday I was thinking of wearing my hair straight but decided to hold off. This is straight enough for now. I do want to buy some more tomoka's twists and a flower accessory. I like this style from Curly Nikki's blog it's super cute!

Adventures at Home:  Well we shall be taking a trip to go see my family in TX soon. I don't know what reactions I'll get about my natural hair but we'll see! The last time I was home I had individual braids. I'm going to buy the Thank God I'm Natural Book for my sister. It is a very good read! I got my copy from the library and I intend on buying one. Very good info!

Last Friendly Notes:  I hope you enjoyed the look at my progression so far. I think I'm liking my hair more and more. It's funny to look back at the transitions with hair and other things with yourself in photos. LOL @ the eyebrows and expressions in the photos. I've surly enjoyed looking at the online resources for natural hair. Please remember there is no such thing as bad hair. We can't continually do bad things to our hair and expect good results. Treat it well. I hope you have a great day!

Many blessings &

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dewdrop said...

You have amazing volume and your twists look so luscious!