Friday, August 2, 2013

Two stand twist

So I'm sporting what I call my lazy hair do. I wore it flat ironed for a couple of weeks and I got a bit worried about over doing it. So I'm wearing two strand twists. I know with my cycle of giving my hair a rest, I tend to head towards styles I can still style but wear loose too. I used to wear individual braids often. I would now but my dear husband doesn't like hair added. Any how here are some photos and products I used today. P.S. Forgive me for not putting on any make up and using my cell for these photos. No make up, I'm 37 mercy please lol!

I used a glycerine and water mix with my favorite essential oils bergamot and lemongrass just because I love the smell.

Then I used Organix repairing awapuhi ginger conditioner. Here is the front of the bottle.

Here is the back and ingredient list.

 I only used about this much for a hand full of my twists. I only wanted just enough to moisturize not full saturate to wear its squeezing off as I moved/ smooth down the hair with my hands.
After that I applied Emu Oil. I actually got some from Dr. Adorable via eBay. You can buy emu oil online at various places. Just make sure it says 100% pure. If not you will probably have a mixture of filler oils. I like that they put the expiration date on their oils too. One thing I like to do is write on the bottle the purchase date or the date it arrived. It helps to make sure just how old products are. Some are no longer useful after a while. This is the front of the bottle. It only has the front label, there is nothing on the back of it.

I used this amount. It's not a lot. Again I didn't want it to the point of run off as I smoothed down the twists. I wanted these products to absorb quickly and just enough to moisturize.

That's it. Here are a few pictures of my twists after all of the above. You can see the size of the twists, my different textures, and the length.

And the shrinkage :)

I did the same with the littlest ones. I used less product. I tried to get these two little ones to be still...
I got a quick cheese and they were off.

Thanks for reading!