Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinnin', Stalkin' and Locin'

Hello Everyone!
I hope all is well and safe with you. What's going on in your natural hair world? Any new accessories? Any new websites or products? Let me totally and shamelessly plug Pure Natural Blends.com here :). Leave me a comment and let me know how you all are and what you've found. I was recently connected to two ladies I want to mention. Have a look at Adorned by Lavinia on facebook and her accessory site adornedbylavinia.com her accessories are so cute. I can't wait to get mine! Also have a look at riavision1.com! This site has some great information on natural hair care.

Well I haven't done much with my locs other than wear it up in a bun most of the time. I've been on Pinterest.com pinning photos of locs I like. Check out the photos and follow my board there http://pinterest.com/tawanna/lovely-locs/  this board has caused me to do more of my loc stalking! I get inspiration from seeing others styles since I'm quite new to it. I admire mature locs and those who have had them for years.

I think it is time for me to have my hair retwisted! It's all fuzzy now. I joined a facebook group called ♥LoCs 'N' Dreads♥  I've been browsing about and I've got a few ideas on how to DIY. I've always been a DIYer with my hair. I'm sort of upset with myself for not doing my own locs but it was nice to have someone do them. I'm still tussling with the desire to have them thinner. Any how, I've decided to attempt to retwist two locs in the front with 100% Pure Aloe Gel. We shall see how it all works!

I did take some photos. Have a look and stay safe in this crazy spring weather!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Curly Do's

Hello Everyone,
I hope your hair adventures are going well. I was searching online on how to curl my locs. My locs are barely a month old so I'm trying not to mess things up too much. I looked on Youtube and I saw a few videos on how to use pipe cleaners to curl them but the pipe cleaners looked to produce tight spiral curls. I didn't

 want tight spiral curls I wanted loose ones. Here is what I decided to do. I used some flexi rods I got at the store for 2.99. 5 of these soft flexible rods came in a pack of 3/4 diameter rollers. I ended up using about 10 on my whole head. I counted I have 120 locs on my head. I dampened my locs, put a little oil mixture on my hands to rub on to the locs and then I wrapped them around the flexi rods. This was the first time I had slept with rollers in my hair in years! These weren't hard to sleep on though. I used these on my daughter's hair the next day and she said she had no problem sleeping on these soft rollers. This is what I looked like with all the rollers in my hair. Try not to laugh ;) I did find that having my hair damp was good enough. I didn't want to saturate my locs because I wanted them to dry by the morning. So as you can see, I put a group of locs on one roller to avoid tight curls. They did dry by the morning. I was excited to see if it actually worked. Here is what I got when I let them down. I got loose spiral curls! yay!  I separated the locs to style and ended up with the loose curls I like. A few of them did not curl much but overall I had nice curls.

 I tried an up do too.

 This is a day later. It sort of lasted... eh maybe I should have put the rollers back in.

I do like the loose curls and next time I might try to use more flexible rollers to insure that all of my locs get a curl.

Until then,