Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New things.

Well I have some ideas going around in my head of a few projects. One is about hair products. I made my own "hair stuff" and I like it. I've given it to some friends to try out and got a few good reviews. I'm excited yet scared of this new thing. I love the product but I'm afraid of the legal stuff. I've heard that cosmetics aren't regulated by the FDA but I just want to make sure. My wonderful husband is the one that is great in this area. He's so good with research and looking into things. It overwhelms me to read the fine print. I'm such and idealist. I'll have several ideas come through my head and never do anything about them. Are you an idealist? I sort of get annoyed with myself when I do this because I need to get a notebook and just jot down all of the ideas that come.
Any how what do you do when fear comes into your mind? How do you conquer those moments when you are afraid to step out because of all the "what ifs"?

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paula said...

It's not that you don't dare because you're afraid, you're afraid because you don't dare! I for one never rest until I do something and face (or not) the music. It's unbearable to sit around and think that I would never know how would something turn out because I didn't dare do it. I would rather do it and fail than not do it at all. Most times we worry for nothing because even when things go awry, there's always a way out of the mess. Just my 2 cents...

Good luck and Stay Blessed,