Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wild and Straight

Hello Everyone,
Well my natural journey has been going well. Here is a recent picture. This is me and my 6 month old daughter. She's looking more and more like her father. I've been sort of letting it go. I do like this new style. I'm still getting used to it though. Every now and then I'll get the urge to straighten it.

Speaking of straightening hair, one of my daughters decided she didn't want locs any more. So we worked for weeks on taking them down. I agreed it wasn't a style she felt comfortable with. She is still natural with permed ends. We flat ironed it since she wanted it straight. It looks good. It had grown out well with the locs. I told her we've got to make sure we are doing the right thing so it won't ruin her hair. Here is a picture of her after a rough play lol!

This hair journey thing is very interesting. Through it I'm finding out more and more about myself and my girls. We are finding out what we like and don't like. None is wrong, it's just our own preference. I'm glad we are getting to know us and not what someone else influenced us to be. We are all experimenting with our hair as God made it. I like that.

Well we must be off to church now. I pray you all have a great day.
Live Well.

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