Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lock Loops

Hello all a great friend, Alyssa posted on the LoCs ‘N’ Dreads facebook group that she had purchased some Lock Loops. I looked up the site, www.lockloops.com and views a few youtube videos on them. I had seen the site and thought eh not now they look a little goofy. So I dismissed them until now.  My order was placed for 1 pack of 30 on July 20, 2011. I did receive a notice that they were on back order. That to me was a bummer but a good thing. It meant I had to wait but obviously they seem to be in demand. I got my lock loops on the 29th. I was excited to see them arrive.
I found a YouTube video by BigandLittleM on how to make your own leave in conditioner and setting lotion. I am still trying to soften my locs and decided to try her homemade recipe. It did seem to soften my hair. It’s a simple recipe so click and view her video! I surprised to read on the Lock Loops bag that it’s better to have damp hair and not completely wet hair. I just knew the hair needed to be saturated. I was glad that the hair didn’t have to be wet. I actually used the leave in conditioner recipe she gives in the video instead of the setting lotion. I haven’t made the setting lotion yet. Any how I sprayed my hair and put the lock loops in. I like these! I like these better than the flexi rods! They are soft foam and easy to sleep on.  Here goes the photos.

2photo 2 Here you can see a few of them being taken down. I used all 30 of the Lock Loops. There were any were from 2 locs to 4 locks on one Lock Loop.
2photo 3 Here they are all taken down. I had tighter curls with the Lock Loops than the flexi rods.
2photo 4 Here is a photo of the curls later on that night. Some of have dropped.
So I’m officially a Lock Loop fan! I may order another package so I can put fewer locs on them. Thanks Alyssa for letting me know how you liked the Lock Loops!